Driving Hicks rd. in San Jose at Night! – is the Blood Albinos Hideout at the top of Reynolds road?

Join Keith Weldon of Chill Seekers Paranormal Research Co., along with Sari and Rachel of B.A.S.S. Paranormal, as they embark on a heart-pounding investigation of the notorious Hicks Road in San Jose, CA. This eerie location has been shrouded in urban legends for decades, with whispers of a cannibalistic albino colony lurking in the woods.

As they drive up Reynolds Road, which starts on Hicks Road, they venture into the darkness of night, seeking the truth behind the sinister rumors. The team reaches the top of the dead-end road, where the legends say the blood albinos roam free. But as they explore, Keith is startled by unsettling sounds of something moving alongside the roadway, prompting a hasty retreat to the safety of their vehicle.

Did they encounter the infamous albino cult? The team also investigates the haunted area near the dam on Hicks Road, uncovering the dark history and paranormal activity that plagues this foreboding location.

Investigation Highlights:

– Exploration of the haunted Hicks Road and Reynolds Road

– Investigation at the top of the dead-end road, where the albino colony is rumored to hide

– Creepy sounds and unexplained movements alongside the roadway

– Haunted area near the dam on Hicks Road

– Possible encounters with the blood albinos or other paranormal entities

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