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Necrometer app is the latest addition to The Necro Series

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Sari and I at the historic Empire Mine in Grass Valley, CA.
Exploring the River of Skulls in Calaveras County, CA.
We investigate the very active Union Hotel in Benicia, CA.

New GHOST Glasses coming soon!
Keith, Sari, and Rachel exploring Purissima Ghost town and Cemetery.
Chinese Camp Ghost Town
Exploring the Winchester Mystery House
The Bonnie and Clyde Death Car
Crossing the Historic and Haunted Knights Ferry Bridge at Night! Video Series on TikTok @ChillSeekers_Paranormal

Using Necro Dice app inside Alcatraz Prison. Video Series on Tik Tok @ChillSeekers_Paranormal
We explore the creepy urban legends of Hicks Rd! Video Series on Tik Tok @ChillSeekers_Paranormal

Investigating the motel room where Brad Nowell from Sublime died from an overdose.
Nevada State Prison Investiagation