Abandoned Insane Asylum in Santa Rosa

Join Keith Weldon of Chill Seekers Paranormal Research Co. and Sari of B.A.S.S. Paranormal on a thrilling investigation of the notorious abandoned insane asylum in Santa Rosa, CA.

Security patrol, ominous warnings, and boarded-up entrances, we walk around the outside areas of this forsaken place. With the Necrophonic app in hand, Keith attempts to communicate with the restless spirits that linger, trapped between worlds.

As we navigate the exterior of the crumbling buildings, we peek through broken windows and capture unexplained phenomena, revealing the dark history that lies within. The wind whispers secrets, and the shadows seem to move of their own accord.

Should we return to this location? should we go at night and see what more we can explore?

Join us on this heart-pounding adventure as we explore the outer limits of this haunted location. Don’t dare watch alone… Subscribe for more spine-tingling paranormal investigations!