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My name is Keith Weldon and I have been researching and investigating the paranormal since 2012. My main focus has been on the study of Spirit Communication and what is known as Instrumental Trans Communication or simply ITC. I have built many gadgets and devices over the years including ghost boxes, video ghost boxes, kinect cams, IR lights, EMF pumps, etc. I have also experimented with several audio techniques, visual methods, and other divination practices. That being said, what I’m most known for are the ITC apps I have designed and co-developed. These apps include the Necrophonic app, Necrometer, Spiritus, Deadwave, and more. This paranormal passion of mine has become my life. I am constantly working, testing, and experimenting with new forms and techniques of spirit communication. I not only do the research and development for applications and devices but I go out in the field and investigate the paranormal phenomenon. I test and use apps and equipment in some of the most haunted locations in the USA and more specifically the west coast. There is nothing more beneficial to my research than actually getting out and using devices in known haunted locations with high levels of paranormal activity. In addition to the this I have also spent countless hours doing communication sessions at my home. Moving forward I will continue to push the envelope when it comes to innovation in the realm of spirit communication.

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Keith and Sari aboard the Queen Mary

2022 is a new chapter for Chill Seekers. I (Keith Weldon) will be traveling and working with other teams and individuals to explore and investigate some very haunted locations. I will continue to push the boundaries of spirit communcation. I’m excited to bring you some of the best evidence and research in the paranormal. Please follow me on Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and twitter.

Going on spooky adventures with the lovely Sari from BASS Paranormal
Rahkee and Keith investigating a Haunted Location
Mission San Jose


Keith Weldon

  • ITC Researcher
  • Paranormal Investigator
  • Co-Founder of Chill Seekers
  • Co-Founder of The ITC Collective
  • Filmmaker


You can read My Story about how I got into the Paranormal:




“Advancements in spirit communication have come a long way. I believe we will continue to make progress in this field and eventually reach a new level of communication. Myself and others are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve our connection with the other side. I can’t wait to see what the future holds with Instrumental Trans Communication and I am so grateful and happy to be apart of it.”

-Keith Weldon

My thoughts on who we are communicating with:


This session was done at Fort Point in San Francisco. I was using my Spiritus Ghost Box app and I captured one of the most meaningful and personal responses ever. I believe I received a message from my step father who passed away in 2008.

After capturing amazing Kinect Evidence at Hand Pickin Emporium….


…Good Day Sacramento asked us to return and investigate the same haunted sofa. I believe I came in contact with a child spirit who seemed to be lost and looking for its mother. The Kinect camera captured this encounter.

Captured using my Weldon’s Video Ghost Box. You can see a face in the lower left and a full bodied spirit of what appears to be a little girl standing in the doorway.


Visual ITC Captured using my Spiritus Ghost Box app.




The Chill Seekers of the past:


The Chill Seekers Ghost Hunt Web Series is officially over, no new episodes will be made.


Episode 42 – Kennedy Mine

Episode 41 – The Patterson House with Steve Huff

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Episode 35 – Virginia City

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Episode 32 – Preston Castle with Steve Huff

Episode 31 – The Bellaire House With Steve Huff

Episode 30 – VFW Post

Episode 29 – Queen Mary with Nick Groff

Episode 28 – Haunted Modesto

Episode 27 – Ryde Hotel

Episode 26 – Steve Huff’s House

Episode 25 – Daydreams & Nightmares III

Episode 24 – The Haunted Land Of Los Banos

Episode 23 – Sacramento Investigation with Anthony Sanchez

Episode 22- Return to Murphys Hotel

Episode 21- Tombstone

Episode 20- Tiger’s Blood Social Club

Episode 19- Lisa’s Pet Styles in Turlock, CA.

Epiosde 18 – Vacaville Home

Episode 17 – The Ghosts Of Fiddletown

Episode 16 – A Haunted Hair Salon

Episode 15 – Daydreams & Nightmares at old St. Clair theater

Episode 14 – Hand Pickin Emporium

Episode 13 – Banta Inn

Episode 12 – A Haunting In Rocklin

Episode 11 – The Attachment

Episode 10 – Return To Mare Island

Episode 9 –  Tropicana Night Club

Episode 8 – Angel City Brewery

Episode 7 – Fairgrounds In Stockton, CA

Episode 6 – Murphys Hotel

Episode 5 – Green Residence

Episode 4 – Daydreams & Nightmares

Episode 3 – USS Hornet

Episode 2 – Mare Island

Episode 1 – National Hotel In Jamestown, CA (Private)

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Chill Seekers

Andrew and Keith



A look back…


“We have been Filming our investigations, research, and experiments from the beginning so you can literally watch our progress over the years. We have come a long way in our journey to connect with the other side. We have captured some of the best evidence ever and met some of the nicest people at some of the coolest locations around. “

-Keith Weldon



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