Spirit World

The Spirit World
by Keith Weldon


“The use of technology to interact and communicate with the spirit world.” -Keith Weldon

( These are my personal opinions and in no way am I trying to infringe upon others beliefs. This information is based upon known theories, my own research, and personal experiences.)

     Some of the most amazing evidence of spirit communication has been captured through the many forms of ITC ( Instrumental Trans Communication). Communication using electronic devices that spirit can manipulate in many ways to convey their message. Communication so profound that direct replies and regular dialogue can be established. I have held items in my hand and asked them if they can see what I am holding, and to name these items. They answered correctly on multiple occasions with multiple items. This was to validate not only direct communication but to prove that they could see us and other physical items of this world. I have had my full name, city, street, dog’s, friend’s and family’s names come through, along with other personal information when asked upon. At this point in time most of us in this field don’t question whether spirit communication can be done, for we have proven this to be true on countless occasions. These connections are being established daily, so the haunting question seems to be….

…who are we communicating with?

     Some people would say that only negative entities (demons) can communicate with us. This is based on ones religious beliefs and the idea that there is some sort of unwritten rule that bans spirits from communicating with the living. Others believe strongly that we are indeed communicating with the ghost or spirit of dead human beings. That there are spirits who remain “earth bound” or at least in some place other than heaven or hell. Well, in my opinion both are somewhat correct. I Believe that when we die here in this world that our spirit crosses over to another dimension. Leaving behind our 3D physical body and transferring into the 4th dimension also known as the Astral Plane. This is a dream-like and magical world filled with light and dark forces. The dark negative forces that reside here are what are known as demons. These evil beings run the lower levels of this plane filled with hate, fear, and all other negative emotions. This is also the location of Purgatories and Hells. Other higher-levels of this dimension are lighter and are inhabited by spirits that vibrate at a higher frequency. The 4th Dimension is the spirit world between our physical world and 5th Dimension also known as Heaven. In order to ascend into the 5th dimension the spirit must vibrate at a high enough Frequency. The highest level of all spirit is of pure light and love. So in order for a spirit to ascend into heaven and crossover to the 5th dimension they must find the light, within themselves.

     Contact between our physical world and the spirit world is not a new idea. Spiritual connections through seance and mediumship have been around for a long time. In fact many people have even visited the other side through astral projection. This is a sort of out of body experience that allows you to visit the astral plane of the 4th dimension. This is a lower sub plane that exists unseen along side our own physical world. Occasionally we visit this place in our dreams, though mostly unintentional and we seem to forget the whole experience. Entities in this plane can also visit our dimension, this is the reason people report ghost sightings. They can be seen in the form of apparitions and we can hear their disembodied voices. We can smell their scent and sense when they are in the room with us. Some spirits may even choose to remain here in a location that they know for what ever reason, good or bad. This constant presence in a locations is why some places are considered “haunted”. Negative entities can also visit and try to cause harm, but for the most part they are rather weak in our dimension. The most physical harm they can do is a possible scratch or push. Therefore their attacks are usually done by causing us mental and emotional grief. They have been known to haunt our dreams at night, and keep us in an uncomfortable and dreadful state. Demons can be powerful in their own world, and exhibit great displays of power that are intended to incite fear. Communicating with these entities can be misleading. They are tricksters and like to pretend to be other spirits, possibly those of your dead relatives or children for instance. Their goal is to manipulate you and get inside your head. They will find out your fears and exploit them to cause chaos and depression in your life. Some encounters with these entities can cause them to be “Attached” to you. This is where they are constantly following you around in your day to day life trying to find vulnerabilities to exploit and moments to cause fear and self doubt. It is important to recognize the sign of an attachment and cleanse yourself of it.

     Spirits of passed humans exist in this lower plane as well. These can be lost souls, spirits of bad people, those with unfinished business, and those who look for forgiveness. Many of the spirits here are in a state of confusion and fear, they are constantly seeking help from anyone who will listen. They have trouble adjusting to this new environment and are confused on where to go and how to get there. They can be scared to move about because of the nasty and wicked areas formed from your most twisted nightmares. Spirits of the damned are in the darkest place imaginable, some would refer to it as Hell and are constantly tormented by the demonic forces that control it. They will be trapped here for eternity, a slave to the evil and hate that they have embodied their whole existence. There are also bad people here who will suffer but not for all of eternity. They will remain in a purgatory like state in order to expiate their sins before they can ascend to a higher level. Contact and communication is well established in this area but we are not limited to it. We can reach those spirits in the middle and upper levels of this dimension. Spirits of the higher levels are what we would consider “Good Spirits”. Even the spirits at the highest level of this dimension filled with love and light can be contacted by us here in the physical realm, although this may take a more in-tune and experienced operator to reach them. This leads us to the last step, the transition into the heavenly world. Spirits that ascend into this 5th dimension are no longer able to be contacted by us here in the in our 3D physical world. Though I believe they can descend down to us when they feel it is necessary, but this would be a rare occasion. They have become “light beings” or what some would refer to as “Angels”. They are completely free from their physical and astral bodies. They have no fear but are filled with pure love and light in a place we can only describe as Heaven.


     The grey space is the middle ground of this dimension. This is where the majority of normal human spirits reside. I say “normal” spirits because for the most part humans are not full of hate and negativity but at the same time are not filled with love and pureness. We are not free from sin and fear. This is the place where most souls will begin their journey in the afterlife. They will traverse this environment for a period of time until they find their way, by either rising up to the heavens or falling down into the pits of darkness. Communication with spirits here can be made just as easy as that of those on the lower levels. In fact given the majority of spirits exist here it is in all likelihood that we will communicate with a spirit of this level appose to those above or below it. They may ask for help finding their way but for the most part this is not a big concern of theirs like it is for those of the lower levels. These spirits usually do not linger in our world if they choose to visit, and most visitations would be to comfort or just be around loved ones. The communication made can be insightful and profound but tends to be shorter in length for they may be distracted or busy doing other things in their world. Although this grey area may seem like a dull place, most of the spirits here find a thrill in the exploration of their new astral body and abilities. This exploration is actually the discovery of ones true self and helps identify who they really are and what path they will eventually take.


     So can we help these lower level spirits find the light? It is unknown if we have any effect on these souls that seek our help. They seem to be in a dark place, lost and confused. Perhaps we can provide words of encouragement that can help them focus on finding their light and rising up to a better place. Perhaps we are just conversing with negative entities who are playing a trick on us. They could just be mocking us and our attempts to help the lost souls of the other side. What If we do help these lost souls find the light? Could this make us a target of these dark forces who wish to torment and control these spirits? Like I’ve said time and time again, none of us really know for sure. The more we explore these realms and the more research we do, the more we will further our understanding of the afterlife. There are breakthroughs in communication and research happening all the time by very dedicated people. With each breakthrough we continue to push forward in our quest for knowledge and communication with the Spirit World.

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