Transcend Spirit Link is a new Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) tool developed for experimental communication with spirit.

What is does:
It uses an alphabet list consisting of the letters A-Z and digraphs which are 2 letter pairs that represent one sound like ER, TH, CH, EY, Etc. It chooses these letters and combines them together at various lengths. Using a built in Text To Speech (TTS) system it then speaks these letter combinations producing speech sounds. The idea being that spirits can influence the letter selection process to produce the desired sounds. Think of this process almost like a digital version of a Ouija board where letters can be selected in their desired order to create coherent messages. These speech sounds can then be further modulated to convey a message on an audio recorder. This process of sound transformation onto a recorder is known as Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), there are many EVP theories and studies based on this subject. This is why it is highly recommended that your record your sessions and then review it.

Play- This starts generating speech sounds. Even though it’s called “PLAY” it isn’t just playing audio, it’s CREATING IT!

Transcribe Mode – when turned on will use a built in Speech To Text (STT) system to analyze and interpret these sounds into text, at various levels of accuracy.

Filter Mode – Since this app works as described, it will inherently produce a lot of gibberish speech sounds. The filter mode is designed to break down the audio into segments and try to remove as much of the gibberish audio as it can based on the STT confidence scores. If the audio meets the threshold it is then cleaned up by regenerating the audio without the segments that have been removed, and then speaks. This really helps to remove the gibberish audio but it’s not 100%, some gibberish, incoherent audio can still come through using this mode. In the settings there are filter strength options. Low, Medium, and High. Low filter strength will allow a wider variety of messages to come through, but will also allow the most amount of gibberish. High filter Strength will remove most of the gibberish but tends to only allow shorter messages of less variety on average. Medium Filter is the default setting and is somewhere in the middle of the High and Low.

Other features in this app include a Text Log, to review the text messages that have come through during your session. A dark theme to have your screen not be so bright. Reverb audio effect. Voice speed to slow or speed up the voice.

What it doesn’t do:
Guarantee spirit communication!
Unlike other devices that will always produce something whether spirits are using it or not. This app only truly works if a spirit is using it to communicate. If you are only getting gibberish, incoherent speech that makes no sense or is completely irrelevant, then spirit communication isn’t taking place. This is why this ITC app is made for the more serious spirit communication practitioner. This app requires patience and focus, a real connection with spirit needs to be established before any meaningful communication can take place.

All of the messages coming from this app (Audio or Text) are being created within the app using only the Alphabet list as it’s source. There is…
No Soundbanks
No Wordlist
No Radio
No Internet needed
No Microphone input, GPS data, Sensor data
No scary sounds, words, or gimmicks.