Return to the Haunted Stefani Building in Merced, CA

Explore the Haunted Stefani Building in Merced, CA: A Portal to the Other Side

Join us on a thrilling investigation into the notorious Stefani Building, a hub of paranormal activity in Merced, California. This eerie structure has a long history of ghostly encounters, and we’re about to uncover its darkest secrets. We connect with the spirit of Tom, a former occupant who communicates with us through various ITC devices, including the Necrometer and Necrophonic apps. Tom’s presence is strong, and his messages will leave you speechless.

Our investigation takes us through the:

1. Shop area: Where strange occurrences and unexplained events have been reported by staff and customers.

2. Creepy basement: A dimly lit, eerie space with an intense paranormal presence.

3. Abandoned upper level: A forgotten realm, home to numerous ghostly inhabitants, each with their own story to tell.

Throughout our exploration, we capture compelling evidence of the paranormal activity that plagues the Stefani Building. From disembodied voices to unexplained noises and movements, this location is a hotbed of spiritual energy.

Join us as we delve into the unknown, and discover the secrets that lie within the haunted Stefani Building.

Investigation Highlights:

– Spirit communication with Tom through Necrometer and Necrophonic apps

– Exploration of the shop area, basement, and abandoned upper level

– Captivating evidence of paranormal activity

– Uncovering the dark history and mysteries of the Stefani Building

Keith Weldon – Chill Seekers Paranormal Investigation Co.

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