Why ITC apps work for Spirit Communication

Why ITC apps work for spirit communication


Keith Weldon

Not all “Ghost Apps” work, but the ITC apps like the one I designed and many others…. DO.
Of course if you don’t really believe in ghosts or you are closed minded about spirit communication in general… well then that is a whole other conversation.

Like many people in the paranormal field I was skeptical at first about using apps for spirit communication. I had been using a SB7 spirit box and other hacked radios along with conducting EVP sessions using¬† digital recorders. This was the main form of communication that I used and had doubts about using a digital “Phone app” for speaking with entities from beyond. I considered myself to be very open minded about this field and wasn’t going to discredit it before giving a try. Let’s just say I was blown away after trying a few of the apps available. The communication I was receiving was so direct and clear, I felt like it was a great advancement in paranormal technology.¬† Today there are many apps available, some for purchase and some are free to download. In 2016 I designed my own app called Spiritus Ghost Box (Android and iOS for $12,99) and co created it with a good friend of mine.

Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) is communication with the other side with using electronic devices such as Radios, Digital Recorders, Telephones, Computers, TV’s, Cameras, and yes, even mobile applications. The term ITC was created in the 70’s by the German physicist and engineer Dr. Ernst Senkowski
To understand how these apps work you must understand ITC and how ghost boxes work. I don’t mean how they literally work, we know they sweep radio stations, or in the case of apps sound banks/internet radio stations, but how they work in relation to spirit communication. What these boxes are doing is creating “Raw Audio”. This is comprised of snippets of sounds, fragmented words, etc. The theory is that spirit can manipulate these sounds by finding resonate frequencies in the sounds and altering the shape and resonance characteristics, thus providing spirits a way to create speech. This all stems from EVP. White noise is the main reason why EVP’s are captured. You don’t have to use a white noise generator because simply recording “nothing” is white noise. Think about using a digital recorder in a quite room, when you play that recording back it wont be total silence there is ambient noise, which is white noise, which is random audio that spirits can manipulate to create speech (electronic voice phenomenon). So a ghost box operates in a similar manner by providing random audio, sort of like enhanced white noise. So essentially ghost boxes (and their digital counterparts) are facilitating enhanced EVP spirit communication. This is the reason that the communication is so amazing and direct.


“Stochastic resonance (SR) is a phenomenon where a signal that is normally too weak to be detected by a sensor, can be boosted by adding white noise to the signal, which contains a wide spectrum of frequencies.”
These sounds act like carrier signals that can be modulated by unseen entities and/or supernatural forces. When Stochastic Resonance takes place the lower inaudible frequencies resonate with the white noise and become audible. Spirits can manipulate the supplied sound frequencies, even those we cannot hear with our own ears to create communication from the other side. This is the reason why Radio Ghost Boxes and ITC Ghost Apps work and are a legit form of spirit communication.