The Mirror Box

The Mirror Box


Keith Weldon

The Android powered ghost box! (Designed for my Spiritus Ghost Box app)

This ghost box runs off of a built-in  Android 6.0 Quad Core 1G/8G with 2.4G WiFi device. It has Spiritus Ghost Box app loaded on it along with a few other apps including Portal, and Vortex by Matt Payne. Spiritus Ghost Box launches at the start-up and was designed for both the audio and visual itc features that this app provides.

The idea for this device came about as a way to have a ghost box that was powered by my Spiritus Ghost Box app but not have to have a phone or tablet connected to it. The ghost box would enhance the audio and have a way to record the audio and visual itc sessions.


The Mirror Box does indeed have mirrors. They are placed on all sides inside the box and one on top. The theory is that mirrors pointed at one another create somewhat of a doorway to the other side. I believe mirrors that reflect one another create a infinite loop which in itself is what creates a portal or opening to the spirit world. The same idea can be applied to Schreiber’s method of Video ITC where you use a video camera to record its own output which creates a infinite loop, or using a mic to record its own output. So why does a infinite loop do this? I am not a 100% sure but I believe that the loop becomes so concentrated with energy that it can cause a Vortex like effect.

Audio Enhancements:


Noise Gate

Amp with 4-way speaker

The Spiritus Ghost Box app uses 4 audio channels and 4 audio effects including Echo, Phaser, Reverb, and Filter. The additional chorus and noise gate effects that The Mirror Box adds gives it a total of 6 audio effects that can be applied to the audio channels.

The box runs off of a 12v Battery (TalentCell) & Audio effects off of a 9v battery (JOYO). There is also the option of using  AC adapters to plug it in to a wall outlet.

Audio / Video Recording:

A built-in DVR captures the screen with the app displayed and records it to an SD card. This is especially useful when using the Visual ITC feature of the Spiritus Ghost Box app. A surveillance mic is mounted on the front of the box and is super sensitive. This will capture both the voice of the operator running the device and the audio coming out of the speaker, the 3.5mm jack on the side allows the user to record the mic on an external recorder.

The Mic can record the operator, the audio from the speaker, and any possible EVP communication.

There is a USB Port on the back of the box that I plugged a wireless mouse into to control the app.

Testing The Mirror Box:

The first test run of The Mirror Box was aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. We attended the Nick Groff Tour event on our 2 night stay on the ship. Nick Groff formerly of Ghost Adventures now has his own show on TLC called Paranormal Lockdown. Nick has used my Spiritus Ghost Box app on several episodes of the show, mostly with the portal/wonderbox made by Steve Huff. Some of the most amazing evidence has been captured using this setup. He has also used a couple of my Weldon Video Ghost Boxes (W.V.G.B). It was nice to finally meet him in person and show him the new devices I had been building. On the second night of the event we attended the night investigation as guests of Nick. We did sessions with both The Mirror Box and my latest video ghost box. We also did our own investigating and filming aboard the ship including an insightful interview with nick that will be appear on the new season of our Chill Seekers Ghost Hunt web show starting Summer 2017.

For Sell?

I’ve had several people ask to buy one of these boxes from me. The truth is I am working on new devices one after another right now and simply don’t have the time or money to invest in making multiple boxes to sell. I am building these to use on my own show/YouTube channels and possibly for Nick Groff’s show Paranormal Lockdown. I have several other ideas that I am working on right now and have a packed filming/editing schedule. Once things calm down a bit and I have more available time I may make a few devices to sell to whoever may be interested, but I don’t see that happening until at least the end of the year. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Spiritus Ghost Box App:

The Spiritus Ghost Box app is available for both Android and iOS for $12.99

New Update Coming Soon! – adding some really awesome new features!

My first published video using The MIRROR Box!

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