Weldon Hack #1 – How to, and Video.

Weldon Hack #1


Keith Weldon

I do not consider myself a radio hacker, I have only hacked a few and those were originally done by others.  That being said I do sometimes take apart radios and tinker with them.  This is how I came across this hack. The radio is a cheap AM/FM radio from china that looks sort of like a mp3 player, it has a built in rechargeable battery. It’s called the Audiomax SR-7. This hack requires a toggle switch, a couple wires and a little soldering. This radio is used in a Q&A style session because the radio only sweeps one direction and does not cycle back through the stations. The operator has to reset the switch and start the sweep over, similar to the original Weldon’s Box I made awhile back. I plan on incorporating this radio into a future project I am building named the KW-1, more details about this build will be coming soon.

The Audiomax SR-7

How to hack this radio:

1.)  Locate the 2 screws on the back and unscrew them.

2.) Remove the screen sticker to reveal the 4 screws underneath.Unscrew all 4 screws and pull the radio apart.

3.) Take 2 wires and solder 1 on each side

4.) Mount the switch. I bought a cheap pill container at the dollar store to house the switch. If i had a smaller switch I could have used something more compact.

5.) Drill 2 holes in the back plate of the radio to run the wire out.

6.) Run the wires out of the radio and connect them to the switch.

7.) Mount the switch to the radio. I used super glue (also from the dollar store) to stick them together.

All Done! hook up a speaker via the headphone jack on top of the radio.