Episode 41 – Patterson House with Steve Huff

We travel to southern California to meet up with our friends Steve Huff, Debby, Rahkee, and the Kims. We are investigating the Patterson house located in Winchester, CA. We will be using several spirit communication devices to try and reach out and speak with the spirits that remain at this location. We brought 2 of my apps, Necrophonic and Spiritus Ghost Box which are both available for iOS and Android. We also brought the DR60 recorder. Steve brought the Poltercom ghost box made by Paranologies. He also brought his portal device, DR60 recorders, and a new hacked Panasonic radio ghost box that looks like a DR60 that is now called the Panabox. Rahkee brought his Banshee box and other devices. We conduct several EVP / ITC sessions in the house and get some really amazing communication.