Spiritus Phaser – EVP Research

I’m working on a new project (APP) and I am testing several different things. The goal of my research is to find the best way possible to enhance EVP communication. I recently had a breakthrough in my research and believe I will be able to reach my goal with this new project.

In this video I am testing out the Spiritus Ghost Box app using just the Phaser Effect. My usual spirit team (Contact Field) wasn’t communicating but a strange group of interesting spirits came through. I found that they were rather mischievous and a little raunchy. They seem to almost heckle me when I would speak to them and there responses had a very sarcastic overtone at times. I personally don’t mind speaking to any spirits good or bad as long as they only speak to me and don’t try to do anything more than that. I got what I wanted out of this session and the information gathered will help with my new project.

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