The Witches Tower in San Diego

At the Witches Tower in San Diego, CA. Using the Spiritus Ghost Box app we capture some disturbing communication. This is one of the darkest places I’ve been to in long time. This quick encounter has made me consider returning to this location in the future to investigate it more thoroughly.

Explore the Infamous Witches Tower in San Diego, CA:

A Hub of Dark Energy Standing tall in San Diego, California, the Witches Tower looms with a foreboding presence, shrouded in mystery and terror. This historic structure has been the epicenter of numerous spine-tingling tales, including:

– Occult activity and satanic rituals – Blood stains and unexplained markings

– An evil presence, said to be a white witch or malevolent entity

– Demonic possession and unexplained phenomena

Keith Weldon of Chill Seekers Paranormal Research Co. and Sari Perez of B.A.S.S. Paranormal join forces to investigate the sinister energies within the Witches Tower. As they delve deeper, they experience an intense, evil presence that leaves them shaken.

The air thickens with the pungent smell of Sulphur, signaling the onset of intense paranormal activity. The team captures compelling evidence of the tower’s dark history, revealing the malevolent forces that lurk within. Will they uncover the secrets behind the Witches Tower’s haunted reputation?

Join us on this perilous journey into the heart of darkness. Investigation Highlights:

– Exploration of the historic and haunted Witches Tower

– Investigation with Keith Weldon (Chill Seekers) and Sari Perez (B.A.S.S. Paranormal)

– Captivating evidence of paranormal activity and evil presence

– Uncovering the dark history and sinister legends surrounding the tower S

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