The Haunted Delta King in Old Sacramento

Join Keith Weldon of Chill Seekers Paranormal Research Co. and the team from BASS Paranormal – Sari, Rachel, and Todd – as they embark on a thrilling investigation of the infamous Delta King riverboat in Old Sacramento. This historic vessel, docked on the Sacramento River, is rumored to be haunted by restless spirits and plagued by poltergeist activity.

In this spine-tingling adventure, the team explores the eerie rooms and corridors of the Delta King, capturing unexplained phenomena and terrifying encounters. As night falls, they venture into the dimly lit alleyways of Old Sacramento, uncovering the dark secrets and mysteries that lurk within.

Get ready for a chilling experience as our brave investigators face the unknown, delving into the paranormal mysteries of the Delta King. Will they uncover the truth behind the haunting, or will they become the latest victims of this ghostly riverboat? Watch to find out!