Deadwave APP

Available for Android and iOS for $10.99 Deadwave is an ITC (Instrumental Trans Communication) application. EVP theory suggests that we can communicate with spirits or otherworldly entities on a recording device. The method that these spirits seem to be using is known as Sound Manipulation. Though we are not exactly sure how this process is done we know that it involves the modulation of sound waves in a manner that will change it’s characteristics on to a recording device. Simply put, spirits can change sounds in order to form speech and therefor have the ability to communicate. Features:
Audio- This app has 4 sound banks. These banks are made up of small snippets of sounds. Partial words, vocal tones, phonemes, and other speech sounds. There are no full words put into these sounds banks. These sound banks can be used by turning on Channels 1-4. Microphone input. We added a microphone input to this app so you can feed your questions in to the app itself. Some people believe that his can help the spirits understand us better. This can also act as an Echo or Delay loop for the app audio. This loop or mirror effect is often considered a gateway to the other side. If you choose to use this feature you can simply turn the mic on and use the two radial knobs to control the mic volume and mic delay. Scan Rate. We included a Scan Rate control dial in this app. You now have the ability to control how fast and how slow the audio is played. This called a Scan Rate and not a Sweep Rate because this app uses a randomized audio selection and does not do a linear sweep of audio.
Effects- This app has 4 audio effects including Echo, Reverb, Gate, and Pitch. Each effect has it’s own controls that you can use to adjust and “Dial in” the audio the way you want. Echo. The Echo effect adds a delay to the audio. You can adjust the Delay, Decay, Dry/Wet, Pan, and you can turn on Ping Pong which has the audio bounce back and forth from left to right. Reverb. The Reverb effect creates a spacious sound. You can adjust the Time, Gain, and Dry/Wet to customize it to your liking. Gate. The Noise Gate effect cuts out excessive audio. You can use it to trim the amount of audio coming through. You can adjust the Threshold and Attack to allow the amount of audio you want. Pitch. The Pitch effect can change the pitch of the audio from really low to really high.
EQ- 4 Band Equalizer. You can adjust the Low, Mid, Upper, and High range frequencies of the audio. This gives you even more control of the audio. Combined with everything else you can truly change the whole sound of the app.
Visual- Virtual Video Feedback The Visual ITC feature uses a known technique of creating a video feedback loop. If you take a analog video camera and run the output of the camera to a tv, then you point the camera at the tv so that it is filming it’s own output, this will create a video feedback loop. This was developed as an ITC method by a man named Klaus Schrieber back in the 1980’s. This visual ITC feature in the app use a digital version of a video feedback loop. By simulating this method in a 3D environment we were able to use a virtual camera and have it’s output rendered to a texture and then point the camera at the texture creating a feedback loop. After adding analog style distortion to the mix we have successfully created a digital version of the video feedback loop method. I recommend filming the screen of the phone or tablet while this visual feature is activated. You can then analyze the footage frame by frame inside video editing software.