SWEEP Ghost box app uses 7 audio channels that are pre loaded with hundreds of 20 sec. audio files. The app will then sweep through the channels in a similar manner to that of a radio ghost box. When it lands on a channel it will pick a random spot within the 20sec. audio clip and play a snippet of audio before moving to the next channel. The 20 sec audio clips are randomly swapped out per channel with new clips after 1 to 7 sweeps.  This app also has Reverb, and Echo effects along with High pass (HP) and Low pass (LP) Filter effects that are adjustable via the slider. The sweep rate will adjust the speed at which the app sweeps through channels. The adjustable sweep rate is between 0 and 4 seconds.  The forward sweep plays normal audio but the reverse sweep plays all reverse audio clips. Lastly you can also tap on the channels to create your own manual sweep.

Steve Huff using the SWEEP Ghost Box app:


Available for Android and iOS on Google Play and The APP Store for $9.99